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HighCom 4s17/4s17m: The Optimal Blend of Performance and Cost

HighCom 4s17/4s17m: The Optimal Blend of Performance and Cost

The body armor market is vast and diverse, making it increasingly difficult to pinpoint the best plate for your needs. It becomes a tug-of-war between cost, quality, and weight. Thankfully, the HighCom Armor 4S17 and 4S17M plates have emerged as frontrunners in this race, showcasing the most impressive balance between affordability, quality, and performance.

Understanding the 4S17 Series

The HighCom Armor 4S17 and 4S17M plates are designed with the end-user in mind. They are the best-selling rifle plate solution by HighCom Armor known for their high quality, long-standing NIJ certification, and most importantly, affordability. They've been created to offer an optimal level of protection, without compromising on other vital aspects like weight or price.

A Closer Look at the Plates

4s17 and 4s17m come in a variety of sizes, cuts, and curvatures. Let's take a closer look into each plate.

4S17: The original design of the series, the 4S17 offers a robust protective layer that defends against a range of armor-penetrating ballistic threats. 4s17 is made with a single curve.

HighCom Armor 4s17

4S17 Shooters Cut

4S17M: The "M" here stands for multi curve, offering a slightly tweaked design that provides a more ergonomic fit. The degree of curvature also depends on the plate cut. Shooters cut 4s17m features a new triple curve design that provides more curvature towards the bottoms to fit snug to the lower torso. SAPI cut 4s17m are traditional multicurve that fit snug to the natural horizontal curvature of the chest. 

HighCom Armor 4s17m
4S17M Shooters Cut
HighCom Armor 4s17m SAPI
4S17M SAPI (Medium)

There is no ballistic difference between the 4s17 and 4s17m. They both stop all of the same rounds, but 4s17m features additional plate curvature.

Why Choose HighCom Armor 4S17 and 4S17M?

  1. Affordability: Starting at $215 a plate, the 4s17 series is friendly to budgets without compromising quality. LTC 26605 is a similar and lighter in-class plate, but will cost an extra $100+ per plate. This cost efficiency, however, does not translate to a compromise in quality, but rather an approach that values both your safety and your budget. Compared to the RMA 1155 plate, which is often considered a viable budget-friendly Level IV plate, the 4s17/4s17m only come in slightly pricier, roughly $50 extra per plate.

  2. Weight: Every operator knows that weight can be a game-changer. The RMA 1155, while a notable plate in its own right, is heavier than the 4S17 series by nearly a pound. HighCom's offerings ensure you're not bogged down, allowing for increased agility and reduced fatigue.

  3. Quality: HighCom doesn't just provide a lighter plate; they also outdo others in terms of overall quality. HighCom has never had a penetration of its armor nor a NIJ testing failure. Their rigorous testing standards and dedication to excellence ensure that when you don the 4S17 or 4S17M, you're wearing some of the best and most trusted protective gear available.


In the realm of protective armor plates, the HighCom 4S17 and 4S17M emerge as undeniable bang-for-your-buck options, especially when pitted against competitors like the LTC 26605 and RMA 1155. They encapsulate what every operator or individual seeks: top-notch protection that doesn't break the bank or your back. If you're in the market for plates that marry performance with affordability, the 4S17 series deserves your attention.

Shop the 4s17 and 4s17m collections here:

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