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Agilite K19 vs K-Zero: Comparing Plate Carriers

Agilite K19 vs K-Zero: Comparing Plate Carriers

Agilite is a premium Israeli manufacturer of battle-proven tactical gear crafted from the finest materials to ensure premium quality, durability, comfort, and functionality. Agilite boasts two of the most popular plate carriers on the market: the K19 and the K-Zero. We'll be taking a closer look at the similarities and differences between the K19 and the K-Zero to help you better understand their designs and purposes.

Agilite K19 Plate Carrier

MSRP: Starting at $279
Design Purpose: Extra Comfort
Sizing: One-Size (Up to L SAPI)
Unique Features: 
  • Built-In Admin Pouch
  • Multi-Size Plate Bag
  • Shoulder Quick Release Buckles

The K19 3.0 Plate Carrier is the latest model of Agilite's K19. The K19 is designed with maximum comfort in mind. The K19 is built with a triple layer of low profile fusion foam to remain comfortable even with heavier ceramic plates.

The Fast-Adjust Cummerbund is made to be adjusted in real time while wearing and detachable shoulder buckles give the wearer options of quick removal and optimal rifle shouldering.

Unlike the K-Zero, the K19 is placard compatible with both upper attachment points and a laser cut loop overlay. This allows you to either add velcro-backed placards instantly, or use the mil-spec, bar tacked MOLLE underneath to attach regular MOLLE pouches.

The K19 is directly compatible with the Agilite AMAP III Assault Pack


Agilite K-Zero Plate Carrier

MSRP: Starting at $279
Design Purpose: Low Profile & Comfort
Sizing: Medium (10x12 or M SAPI), Large (L SAPI)
Unique Features: 
  • Cable Management Kit
  • Built-In Rear Flap
  • Stock Weld Optimized Shoulder Padding

The K-Zero Plate Carrier is designed primarily for low-profile wear while still providing the comfort Agilite is well known for. Many low-profile carriers begin to compromise comfort when loaded and scaled; not the K-Zero. The Agilite proprietary V design spreads weight over eight different suspension points with zero hot spots. Strategically placed low profile closed cell padding gives you an unprecedented amount of comfort, without adding bulk or interfering with your stockweld.

The K-Zero comes with a one-size fits all low profile cummerbund, so you can guarantee a perfect fit and even adjust it by yourself on the fly while wearing it. For even heavier loads, the K-Zero is compatible with the Agilite Warfighter™ Cummerbund or any other hook and loop based cummerbund.

How They Stack Up

K-Zero K19
Placard Capable Yes Yes
Included Cable Management Kit Yes No
Built-In Admin Pouch No Yes
Built-In Rear Flap Yes No
One-Size Fits All Cummerbund Yes Yes
Multi-Size Plate Bag No Yes
Shoulder Quick Release Buckles No Yes
Stock Weld Optimized Shoulder Padding Yes No
MOLLE Columns On Cummerbund 5 3
Internal Cummerbund Mounting Yes No
Compatible with AMAP III Yes Yes
Compatible with Side Plate Carrier Internal & External Externally
Front MOLLE Compatible No Yes
Front Cummerbund Attachmnts Velcro or QD QD Buckles
Warfighter Cummerbund Compatible Yes With Rear Flap Attachment


While the K-Zero and K19 may be similar and share common traits, they are each made with a separate focus in mind. The K-Zero has an emphasis on low-vis and mobility, while the K19 has a focus on maximum comfort. One is not necessarily better than the other, they are just made to suit specific user needs. 

In the market for Agilite products even beyond plate carriers? Check out our full Agilite selection here for plate carriers, cummerbunds, pouches, and more to build a full kit tailored to your wants and needs!  

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