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Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping speeds vary by product. On each product's page you will find the Estimated Ship Time for your selected size, color, etc..

Products ship as soon as possible based on availability. If your order contains items with different shipping times, each will ship at the displayed time unless communicated otherwise. Tracking information is sent to the email provided at checkout upon shipment.

All hard armor plates are sold individually as one (1), with the exception of side plates, which are sold in pairs/sets of two (2). We believe this gives you more flexibility when looking for plates. Soft armor is sold in pairs/sets of two (2).

Top Armor honors all warranties set forth by each manufacturer specific to the piece of armor. Warranty periods can be found on each product page under "Specs". Manufacturer warranties typically range from 5-10 years. Warranties only apply to legitimate cases of self-defense. Warranties are void in cases including, but not limited to, unlawful/criminal use, intentional damage, or damage resulting from user negligence.

To purchase body armor you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are 18 years or older.
  • You are not a felon.
  • You are located in the US.
  • Your state legally allows you to buy body armor online (see NY and CT laws for more details). CT residents are unable to buy body armor online, but can purchase through an in-person transaction. The state of New York prohibits the purchase of body armor by the public and is restricted to law enforcement and applicable employment.
  • You will use the product for lawful purposes.
  • You are making the purchase for yourself and will not export goods to unqualified buyers or outside of the US.

Check your local and state laws to stay up to date and informed on the latest laws surrounding body armor wear and purchase.

To view the status of your order, login to your account using the email provided at checkout. Here you can see if your order has shipped, and if so, where it currently is in transit. If you opted not to create an account before ordering, a shipping confirmation email will be provided to you at the time of shipment. If you provided a phone number instead of your email, send us an email to request the status of your order.

Yes! As a tribute to your service, we've partnered with GOVX to provide an easy and seamless verification process for military and first responders to receive discounts. All military (active duty & veterans), law enforcement, fire, healthcare workers save 10% on all body armor products including plates, helmets, soft armor, shields, and more!

Due to the nature of the product, All Body Armor Sales Are Final. This includes: hard plates, helmets, soft armor, extremity armor, shields, or any other ballistic protective product. All carriers have a 14 day return policy in the event the carrier does not fit as expected. Read our full return and refund policy here.

Currently, Top Armor does not ship any product outside of the US.

Body Armor

One is not necessarily better than the other:

  • Ceramic plates are a must for those looking for protection from steel core and/or other armor penetrating rifle rounds. To achieve this protection level, ceramic plates are often heavier and/or thicker than UHMWPE plates.
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or UHMWPE, plates still protect from a variety of rifle rounds, but forgive protection from penetrator rounds. UHMWPE plates are often the lightest and thinnest plates available, and are less prone to drop damage than ceramics. Many 100% UHMWPE plates are also fully buoyant, making a great fit for those wearing over extended periods through a variety of terrains.

It is up to the user to determine which plate best fits their needs.

Weight is one of the primary drivers of armor price, as well as an important trait for users. Level III plates might not stop the penetrator rounds that Level IVs do, but they can get down to about half the weight while still protecting from an array of common and exotic rifle rounds. Some users will opt for broad, but not maximum, rifle protection to greatly decrease carry weight.

The "+", as most commonly used with Level III plates, is used to indicate that the armor is tested further than the NIJ standard round. For example, since M80 is the single round used in the NIJ Standard 0101.06 testing process for Level III Plates, any additional test rounds like M193, M855, and 7.62x39mm would technically put the plate into "Level III+" category. Note that Level III is the only official rating from the NIJ and Level III+ is not an official rating. The amount of "+" in the name usually indicates how extensive the testing profile of the plate is. Level III++ plates are tested for even more rounds than Level III+.

ICW stands for "In Conjunction With". This refers to a body armor plate being worn in conjunction with another piece of armor, specified by the manufacturer, to obtain a specific protection profile. For example, a Level III ICW Level IIIA plate means that the body armor plate must be worn with Level IIIA armor to obtain Level III protection.

Special Threat plates are designed specifically for protection against a certain round or multiple rounds. The focus on protection from one or few rounds as opposed to a long list of threats allows Special Threat plates to often be thinner and lighter than their counterparts. Special Threat plates are technically neither Level III nor Level IV, and cannot be NIJ Certified as there is no official rating for Special Threat.

The only difference between HighCom Armor's 4s17 and 4s17m is the plate curvature. 4s17 is single curve and 4s17m is multi curve. The ballistic performance and materials are the same. This is also the case for other HighCom Armor models ending with "M", for multi curve.

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