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An Overview of LTC and HighCom Armor Hard Armor Plates

An Overview of LTC and HighCom Armor Hard Armor Plates

According to a recent report, Americans have been buying up body armor like never before over the last few years. From ballistic helmets to soft armor solutions, people appear to be interested in investing in all the best body armor money can buy.

If you're someone who is trying to get your hands on all the necessary hard body armor you'll need to keep yourself safe in the years to come, you should make it a point to purchase the best hard armor plates on the market today. Leading Technology Composites and HighCom Armor can set you up with the kinds of hard ballistic plates you're looking for.

We've outlined some of the biggest benefits of these body armor plates below.

LTC and HighCom Are Both Trusted Names in the Body Armor Industry

At the moment, the global body armor market is worth a little over $2 billion. But by the time 2030 rolls around, it's expected to be worth more than $4 billion.

Because of this, there are quite a few new body armor manufacturers setting up shop within the body armor industry. They're aiming to cash in on the body armor craze, but they don't always create the best body armor around.

Neither LTC nor HighCom fall into this category. LTC has been producing body armor for 30 years now, while HighCom has been involved in the body armor industry for over 25 years.

Since LTC and HighCom have been around for so long, they obviously know the body armor industry inside and out and have risen to be the top government, law enforcement, and military suppliers . It enables them to create some of the highest-quality hard armor plates available at this time.

They Manufacture a Wide Range of Different Types of Hard Armor Plates

Hard armor plates are incredibly effective for those who would like to have hard ballistic plates on hand that can provide them with protection from high-powered rifle rounds. But to make the most of them, you'll need to shop around for hard armor plates that are the right shape and size based on your specific needs.

Fortunately, LTC and HighCom are both capable of providing a bunch of different types of hard armor plates. If, for example, you'd like some of the lightest Level IV plates, the LTC 26605 Level IV Plate should do the trick. It comes in a 10"x12" SAPI plate with a triple curve design or a 10"x12" swimmers cut multi-curve design. Often times, triple-curve designs are only found in shooter cut plates, but LTC is one of the few to introduce a true triple-curve SAPI cut plate.

LTC Body Armor Plates (26605-2 & 26605-3)

LTC 26605 Level IV Plates Swimmer (left) and SAPI (right)

This is a great hard armor plate option, but it's far from the only one that LTC makes. They also offer best-in-class Level III and special threat protection with the popular LTC 23707 Level III++ SAPI Plate and LTC 23707 Level III++ Side Plate. The 23707 plate provides the lightest and most powerful protection from rifle rounds and additional special treats like M80 and M193, plus penetrator rounds such as M855 Green Tips. The SAPI plate is a 10"x12" multi-curve plate and a featherweight 4.2 pounds. The side plates are a smaller 6"x6" insert and only add 3 pounds total to your overall kit to give you complete 360 degree protection. 

LTC 23707 Level III++ SAPI Plate

LTC 23707 Level III++ Plates SAPI and Side Plates

HighCom takes the same approach as LTC when it comes to manufacturing a handful of different options for those searching for body armor plates. The HighCom Guardian 4S17M is a multi-curve vest insert that is available in many sizes. The 4S17M is made in both 10"x12" shooter cut and SAPI cut from sizes XS (7.25"x11.5") to XL (11"x14"). This plate is one of HighCom's leading models and is best known for its optimal blend of performance and affordability.

HighCom 4S17M Level IV Plate Shooter Cut

Top Armor has these LTC and HighCom hard armor plates for sale at some of the lowest prices along with many other options you can consider. All of these hard ballistic plates are made in the USA, NIJ 0101.06 Certified, and DEA/FBI Compliant.

Their Hard Armor Plates Are Made Out of High-Quality Materials

No matter which LTC or HighCom Armor hard armor plates you decide to go with, you can rest assured knowing they'll be made out of the highest-quality materials possible. Both of these companies go out of their way to produce plates made out of premium materials that will be designed to provide you with the long-lasting protection you need.

Hard armor plates like the LTC 26605 Level IV Plate, for example, will feature:

  • A high-density alumina ceramic core
  • A heat-pressed layered woven aramid fiber backer
  • A¬†water-resistant Cordura nylon covering

These kinds of armor plate materials allow LTC hard armor plates to provide military-grade protection to those who wear them. They also make these hard armor plates more comfortable than you might imagine.

The HighCom Guardian 4S17M is also constructed out of the best armor plate materials possible, such as ceramic strike face composite backing and a Cordura nylon covering. You'll be impressed with what both of these companies bring to the table in terms of armor plate materials. Neither LTC nor HighCom have suffered a failure or penetration of any of their hard plates.

They Offer a Variety of Protection Levels

One thing you should keep in mind when you're buying hard armor plates is that they'll typically be available in different protection levels. There are two levels that include:

  • III
  • IV

Level III+ and Level III++ plates are not officially listed here since they are not actual ratings provided by the NIJ. The "+" or "++" signifies that it is a Level III plate that has been tested for other rounds in addition to the NIJ 0101.06 Standard rounds. You'll be pleased to know that Top Armor carries both LTC and HighCom plates of all of these protection levels.

They Provide Hard Armor Plates for Affordable Prices

When you buy hard armor plates manufactured by certain companies, you might end up spending a small fortune on them. But this shouldn't be the case when you invest in hard armor plates from LTC and HighCom.

This will be especially true when you purchase these hard armor plates from Top Armor. Outside of carrying a variety of LTC and HighCom plates, we also sell them for more affordable prices than you'll find elsewhere. We have these plates ready to ship as well so that you can start putting them to good use ASAP.

Shop For the Best LTC and HighCom Hard Armor Plates Here

Now that you know why buying LTC and/or HighCom hard armor plates would be a great idea, would you like to place an order for the plates you've been looking for? Top Armor is an authorized dealer for LTC and HighCom and can help you secure the hard ballistic plates you need.

Shop for hard armor plates from these companies on our website and contact us if you have any questions about them.

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