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Comparing Level III+ Plates by LTC and HighCom | 23707, 23620, 3S9M

Comparing Level III+ Plates by LTC and HighCom | 23707, 23620, 3S9M

Level III+ body armor plates are designed to offer enhanced protection against a range of threats in addition to the standard Level III threat (M80). Level III+ plates come in a variety of weights and builds to cater specifically to the user's mission.  LTC and HighCom both make a wide selection of Level III and Level III+ plates fitting a variety of needs and scenarios. In this review, we'll take a closer look at three prominent options: LTC 23707, LTC 23620, and HighCom 3S9M. 

First, let's visualize the key traits and differences in each plate, and then we will breakdown the details.

1. LTC 23707

The LTC 23707 body armor plate is a standout choice for individuals seeking the most robust protection without compromising mobility. Crafted with high density alumina ceramic and a heat-pressed composite backing, this plate offers Level III+ protection, making it capable of withstanding a variety of special threats and armor piercing rounds. Its multi curve design ensures a comfortable fit, crucial for wear during extended periods.


  • Extensive Protection: The LTC 23707 plate provides defense from rounds 23620 is not capable of such as M855 Green Tips.
  • Lightest In-Class: When compared to other widely tested Level III++ plates such as 3S9M, LTC 23707 weighs the least.


  • Price Point: The advanced heat press technology and materials used by Leading Technology Composites contributes to a relatively higher price compared to alternatives.

2. LTC 23620

The LTC 23620 body armor plate is designed for individuals who prioritize flexibility and lightweight protection. Engineered to provide Level III+ defense, this plate is an excellent option for those who require agility without compromising on safety.


  • Lightweight Construction: LTC 23620's fully UHMWPE design ensures enhanced mobility at a lightweight 2.5 lbs. per plate.
  • Advanced Ballistic Resistance: Although made fully of UHMWPE, 23620 still provides protection against M80, x39 MSC, and M193.
  • Comfort: Thin, lightweight, and multi curve design allows for comfortable wear over longer time periods.


  • Reduced Capability: While the lightweight design offers increased mobility, it may come at the cost of slightly reduced defense capability. The lack of a ceramic strike face forgives the ability to defeat rounds such as M855.

3. HighCom 3S9M

The HighCom 3S9M body armor plate is engineered to provide a balance between top-level protection and affordability. With Level 3+ certification, this plate aims to offer comprehensive defense without compromising on comfort.


  • Price Point: The HighCom 3S9M plate strikes a balance between protection and affordability.
  • Extensive Testing: 3S9M has been tested against 15 different rifle rounds including special threats such as M855, M855A1, M61 AP, x39 BZ API, and x63 JSP.
  • Multi-Hit Capability: HighCom 3S9M's multi-hit capability makes it a trustworthy choice for situations where continuous threat engagement is a possibility.


  • Size & Weight: 3S9M is thicker and heavier than comparable LTC models.

In conclusion, all three models are some of the best Level III+ plates on the market and each tailors to a specific need. LTC 23707 provides armor piercing protection at the lightest weight. 23620 weighs nearly half the weight of the others, but forgives armor piercing round protection. 3s9m comes in slightly heavier and thicker than 23707 but is tested for more rounds and more affordable.

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