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Bellfire MTS Level III+ Ballistic Shield

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HighCom Armor — TSSiThe Bellfire MTS™ (Modular Tactical Shield) provides greater tactical visibility as firearms can be deployed from the right and left sides. The shield's special shape makes it easier for long-gun deployment, standing, kneeling, and prone positions. Manufactured in the USA, the MTS shield provides multi-hit protection from Level IIIA, Level III, and special threats.


  • Protection: Level IIIA stand alone against handgun rounds and Level III stand alone against rifle rounds, plus a variety of additional special threats
  • NIJ Standard 0108.01 TESTED: This product has been independently tested by an NVLAP accredited NIJ approved laboratory to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard 0108.01

  • Material: UHMWPE based material

  • Exterior Cover: Polyurea with Rhino Extreme™ 11-50 Anti Spall Coated

  • Multi-hit capability NIJ 0108.01

  • Ballistic Viewport: 4” x 10”

  • Handle: Shield comes standard with Bellfire C handle, a lightweight ergonomically designed ambidextrous handle. Multiple handle upgrades available here.

  • Optional LED Light Upgrades: Multiple upgrades available, view here. Please note shield does NOT come standard with a mounted light

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